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This is the process of how I switched from TM Unifi 100 Mbps plan to Maxis Fiber 300 Mbps plan in January 2023. This is done through an agent.


  • 6 months free. Under 2 years contract, you will be charged for the first 2 months, no charge from 3rd till 8th month. Resume charging from 9th month onward.

  • I subscribe to RM 149/mth (300 Mbps) plan. On average, I am paying RM 111.75 per month within 2 years period. [$149 x 18 months ÷ 24 months] Previously I was paying RM 129/mth for Unifi 100 Mbps plan. The stated figures exclude SST.

It comes with a free, lousy WiFi 6 router. I don't consider it a benefit. I will give a detailed description of this router in a separate post.


I need to send the following to the agent:

  • Email address

  • Copy of Recent Unifi bill

  • Copy of IC, front and back, watermarked with "For Maxis Fiber Use Only"

On the following day, the agent sent me a Transfer Request Code. I have to present this code in any TM Point (can't be done online or over the phone).

At TM point

When you are at TM Point, you have to mention that you are switching from Unifi to Maxis Fiber. DO NOT say that you are terminating your Unifi account. I filled up a form, queued, and walk to the assigned counter. An officer will ask for the Transfer Request Code. The officer then request an advance payment of 1 month based on the current subscribed Unifi plan. eWallet payment is not accepted, you have to pay by cash or debit/credit card.

Maxis Installation

After visiting TM Point I inform the agent. Within a week, Maxis contacted me to schedule a technician to perform the installation. On the installation day, the technician installs a new router and I can keep the existing router given by TM. I am not sure if the technician replaced the modem, as the modem looks the same as the one previously given by TM.

Internet is ready immediately upon installation. I connect to 5 GHz WiFi and performed speed to ensure I get 300 Mbps.

Reference: Fibre Transfer Request Guide

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