Script For Converting To/From UNIX Time

Script For Converting To/From UNIX Time

PHP Command Line Script


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I wrote an intuitive command line script for converting UNIX time to human-readable format and vice versa.

When I need to convert UNIX time, a quick Google search will yield solutions like this:

# Works on Mac OS but not Linux
date -r 1624032013

# Works on Linux but not Mac OS
date -d @1624032013

# Get current time UNIX timestamp
date +%s

I find "-r", "-d", "+%s" hard to remember. So I wrote a PHP script to simplify it. Save it as /usr/bin/unixtime and this is how I use it:

# Get current UNIX timestamp

# Covert to UNIX time
unixtime "2021-12-24 23:59:59"

# Convert UNIX time to human readable time
unixtime 1624032013

# Get hints on how to use this script
unixtime help

Source code: